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Are they efficient?

Because the principle of refrigeration is used in the workings of a heatpump, excellent efficiencies can be obtained. In most of the well known brands you can expect to receive at least 3.0 kW or more of heat from the indoor unit for each 1.0 kW of electricity you put into the system. Almost all heatpumps will suffer a drop in output (and efficiency) as the outside temperature lowers (as in the instance of a frost). If a heatpump has been sized incorrectly it will not be able to maintain an adequate heat output when the outdoor temperature falls below 4-5 degrees (Celsius).The true testament of a good heatpump is one that maintains its temperature output when it is cold outside whilst still operating efficiently. The true testament of a good installation contractor is one who can size and install a heatpump that will still keep you comfortable when it is cold outside.

“Choose a contractor who will install a reputable and reliable heatpump that is sized correctly for your application”


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