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“New Zealand’s HEATPUMP CENTRE” and the 0800 number 0800 443 287 (0800 4 HEATPUMPS) are logos owned by Energy Systems (2000) Ltd.

With respect to domestic and commercial heatpump installations, each provincial company using this number and the national logo or their respective provincial logo do so as individual operators and are fully responsible for their companys actions. Energy Systems (2000) Ltd will not be held liable for the actions or debts of any of the individual provincial companys or their staff in this capacity.

Any special deals, finance terms or installation arrangements are with the individual provincial company directly and not with Energy Systems (2000) Ltd.

Within the domestic and commercial heatpump installation environment, Energy Systems (2000) Ltd absolves itself from the trading operations of individual provincial companies authorised to use the national logo, their particular provincial logo and the 0800 number unless an installation arrangement has been specifically brokered with Energy Systems (2000) Ltd. Under such a brokered arrangement Energy Systems 2000 Ltd becomes responsible under the terms and conditions of any such deal or contract.


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