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Francetemp Ltd was established in 1995 as a refrigeration, airconditioning, electrical and ventilation installation/maintenance company. Nowadays its core business is the design, installation and maintenance of heatpumps. Of that business approx 75% would be domestic installation work.

Francetemp ShowroomUtilising proven design programmes and equipment that is tailored for New Zealand conditions, Francetemp are authorised service and installation agents for a wide range of heatpump and air conditioning manufacturers including Temperzone, Mitsubishi, LG Electronics, Fujitsu and Toshiba, all of whom have working display units on show at the High Street showroom.

FRANCETEMP Ltd are volume buyers of top brand domestic heatpumps of all models (hiwalls, console units and ducted systems) and are also volume buyers of ducting accessories (flexible ducting, grilles and diffusers). Our pricing structure is such that we are able to pass on savings to customers as well as delivering a range of payment options including deferred payment, 12, 24 and 36 month terms and interest free on certain deals.

van with unitWith domestic heatpumps being the major part of our business we know how to best advise on what type of system is going to suit your particular needs and fit within your budget. We will also recommend a unit with the highest possible efficiency “star rating” to ensure that the running costs of your system are kept to a minimum.

We visit up to 300 homes in a year so we know what we are talking about.

FRANCETEMP Ltd are able to offer tender pricing, design and build facilities as well as comprehensive service and maintenance packages for mechanical services and electrical trades. Our track record has proven that we are able to provide extremely competitive pricing whilst being able to deliver a quality installation on time and within budget.

FRANCETEMP Ltd are registered electrical contractors and are also members of IHRACE. We are able to carry out any electrical work included as part of a mechanical services or irconditioning/ventilation price, or both.

Let a proven team design, supply and install your heatpump and feel confident that the back-up service and maintenance you require is able to be taken care of as well.

Francetemp Limited


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